About Young Carers

About Young Carers and how Carewise can help

The term Young Carer is simply a way of describing young people up to the age of 18, who care for, or give support to, someone in their family.

The people that Young Carers help look after may be their Mum or Dad, brother or sister or a grandparent.  They may need help because they are unwell, disabled, elderly or could have a mental health, drug or alcohol problem.  Sometimes Young Carers provide support when the family is going through a traumatic time; for example a death in the family.

A Young Carer may give practical or emotional care.  They may help with shopping, cooking and cleaning, help to look after brothers and sisters, give medicine or help with mobility if someone is in a wheelchair or unable to get about.  It can also include being a shoulder to cry on or being there to listen to problems and worries. Young Carers are all unique individuals and have different roles.  What links them is the care and support they provide for someone else.

As a Young Carer you may:

  • Miss out on seeing your mates and joining clubs
  • Often feel tired and stressed
  • Be having difficulties at school or with homework because of your responsibilities at home
  • Be bullied at school because of your situation at home
  • Be confused or angry about the situation at home
  • Feel alone and unable to talk to anyone about your situation

Carewise can offer:

  • Support and understanding
  • Trips and outings to fun places
  • One to one support – a worker or volunteer you can talk to and have fun with
  • A quarterly newsletter
  • Advice and information