Parents - Does your family need support?

Information for parents and families

If you or somebody in your immediate family is elderly, unwell, disabled, have sensory impairment, mental health, drug or alcohol problems or other issues affecting the life of the family, and you are relying on your children to help you, then Carewise may be able to assist. The services provided by this project are FREE to young carers, and are supported by charitable grants, donations and funding. Don’t feel isolated, anxious and depressed about your family situation – contact Carewise, who really do care.

Often parents do not recognise that their children are young carers. They see them as simply being part of the family where they help out and support other family members who have additional needs. Sometimes young carers provide support when the family is going through a traumatic time, such as a death in the family, domestic abuse, divorce or separation. A young carer’s education (attendance/achievement), mental and physical health, social or emotional development may be affected by their caring responsibilities in the family.

Carewise is the Young Carers’ project in Northern Devon and is supported locally by TTVS, a registered charitable company. It was set up in 2001 in response to an identified need to provide practical and emotional support to Young Carers who undertake a significant caring role.

Carewise –

  • identifies and supports young carers in North Devon
  • helps raise awareness of the issues and needs of Young carers and their families and identify any gaps in provision
  • provides services that reflect the needs, wishes and aspirations of young carers
  • recruits, trains and supports volunteer mentors to work on a one-to-one basis with young carers.
  • provides volunteers with the opportunity to obtain skills, gain training, and develop experience in youth work and social care.
  • develops a model of best practice for young carer projects.

Quotes from Parents:

“he really likes the people he has met”

“… realises that he is not alone in having to care for family member”

“… has made friends on every trip”

“I feel that Carewise gives the kids a break from home life to just be kids and socialise with other children with similar circumstances”

“… has enjoyed making new friends”

“… loves attending the trips and drop-ins as this allows her time to be herself without worrying”

“… time for kids to relax, have fun, be active without me holding them back by my mobility”

“Thank you so much for all the trips and always being at the end of the phone to point me in the right direction. Most of all thank you for helping my children have a childhood instead of being held back by me. You’re all one in a million. Thanks is not enough”