Young Carers

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Who is a Young Carer?

Anyone up to the age of 18, who cares for, or gives support to, someone in their family is a young carer. These family members may be elderly, unwell, disabled, have sensory impairment, mental health, drug or alcohol problems or other issues affecting the life of the family. Sometimes young carers provide support when the family is going through a traumatic time, such as a death in the family, divorce or separation.

A young carer may give practical or emotional care.  They may help with shopping, cooking and cleaning, help to look after brothers and sisters, give medicine or help with mobility if someone is in a wheelchair or unable to get about.  A young carer can also offer a shoulder to cry on or be there to listen to problems and worries. Young carers are all unique individuals and have different roles.  What links them is the care and support they provide for someone else in their family.

What can ‘Carewise’ do to help?

Carewise is a project managed by the charity TTVS and it helps Young Carers by providing respite trips to fun places during weekends and school holidays and one to one support – someone to talk to and have fun with on an individual basis.  Young Carers at Carewise receive a quarterly newsletter with information about trips.  Staff and volunteers at Carewise are fully trained and DBS checked; they support Young Carers and their families, and understand the issues involved with caring for a family member.  They are committed to helping Young Carers progress in their own lives, gaining independence and having fun – being able to be young and enjoy life – whilst maintaining their caring role at home.

Quotes from Young Carers:

“Carewise has given me a better understanding of how I can look after my Mum.”

“Me and my brother know that we’re not the only ones in this situation.”

“Carewise gives me a chance to have a bit of my own life.”

“Thnx very much”

“You’re cool!”

“I think it’s brilliant”

“Carewise is loads of fun”