Your health and well being

You are important too.

As a young carer you may:-

  • Miss out on meeting up with your friends and joining clubs
  • Feel tired and stressed a lot of the time
  • Be having difficulties at school with attendance and homework
  • Be unable to concentrate at school because you are worried
  • Be bullied at school because of your situation at home
  • Feel confused or angry about the situation at home
  • Feel alone and unable to talk to anyone about how you feel
  • Not realise that there are lots of other young carers

You do not have to struggle on alone, if you want support you should approach someone that you trust – for example your school nurse, youth worker, Connexions worker, or teacher.  These people can offer you support and put you in touch with the Young Carers Locality Co-ordinator.

We now have a range of booklets available that are written specifically for young people.  These include;

Feeling Angry?

In School Stay Cool

Mental Illness in your family

Worried about self-injury?

We also have;

The Wise Mouse – written for 5 to 11 year olds.  The Wise Mouse will help children understand what is happening to a family member who may be experiencing a mental illness.  A great book for parents to read with their child.

Minds, myths and me – a fact pack for young people who live with someone with a mental illness – suitable for ages 11 upwards.

When someone has a very serious illness – a book to help children understand and express feelings when someone in their family has a serious illness.  Suitable for children and adults to read together.

If you would like a copy of any of these booklets please phone, text or e-mail Marion and she will arrange to get a copy to you.  0787 5914302 or